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Important Things To Remember While Treating Schizoaffective Disorder with INVEGA SUSTENNA®

Important Things to Remember While Treating With INVEGA SUSTENNA®


Keep all of your appointments

You need to receive your INVEGA SUSTENNA® injection on time, and your Treatment Team needs to check your progress.


Make a list of questions for your Treatment Team

Always ask your doctor any questions you may have about your medication—your Treatment Team wants to know how the medication is working.


Be patient

Everyone is different. It may take some time before your symptoms of schizoaffective disorder start to improve. You and your doctor should keep track of your progress.


Follow your treatment plan

Remember that INVEGA SUSTENNA® is one part of your overall treatment plan. If you think you may be experiencing a side effect, always discuss this with your doctor or Treatment Team.


Tell your doctor if you miss a dose of INVEGA SUSTENNA®

Call your doctor as soon as you can to let him/her know. He/she will help you get back on track with your injection schedule.

Remember, if at any time you have questions—or think you may be experiencing symptoms or side effects—be sure to talk to your doctor.