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Know About Side Effects and Tell Your Doctor How You're Doing

INVEGA SUSTENNA® may cause side effects in some people. If you think you may be experiencing a side effect, always tell your doctor or Treatment Team right away. Your doctor may decide to adjust the dose that you are currently taking or change your medication.

The most common side effects of INVEGA SUSTENNA® include: injection site reactions; sleepiness or drowsiness; dizziness; feeling of inner restlessness or needing to be constantly moving; abnormal muscle movements, including tremor (shaking), shuffling, uncontrolled involuntary movements, and abnormal movements of your eyes. Please see the important safety information below and speak with your healthcare professional.

Your doctor wants to know how you're doing

Your doctor wants to know about your experience on INVEGA SUSTENNA® , so be sure to talk about any side effects you may be experiencing—or any questions you have about the medication. It’s important to be open and honest. That way, your doctor or Treatment Team can help give you the best care possible. You may want to keep a list of things you want to discuss and take it with you into each appointment.