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Ongoing Recovery Process for Schizoaffective Disorder Skip to main content

About the Recovery Process

Adults living with schizoaffective disorder will need treatment for the rest of their lives, as they continue working on the recovery process.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) defines the recovery process as a continuous process of change—it’s the stage in which the condition no longer prevents a person from moving towards his or her goals. A person who achieves this state is said to be “in recovery.” This idea is supported by the APA and by a number of advocacy organizations.

It’s important to understand that mental health recovery is an ongoing process, not a single outcome. Each person’s recovery experience is unique. By making a personalized plan for managing a mental health condition, a person has the best chance of living a life that is meaningful to them.

Talk to your loved one’s Treatment Team if you have any questions about the schizoaffective disorder recovery process, and the appropriate treatment option. You can find additional support through another association, such as your local chapter of NAMI.