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Important Components of Treatment

In the treatment of schizoaffective disorder, there are several components that may be part of the treatment plan. You can support the friend or family member you care for by understanding the importance of each part of his or her treatment.

Counseling and Therapy

Treatment for schizoaffective disorder may include counseling and rehabilitation therapy. These programs, along with taking medication as the doctor prescribed and developing life skills, may help reduce the risk of relapse.


There are different kinds of medicine used to treat the symptoms of schizoaffective disorder. One important category of medication is called antipsychotics, which includes INVEGA SUSTENNA®. The exact way antipsychotics work is not known, but it’s thought that they restore the balance of certain chemicals in the brain. Learn more about schizoaffective disorder medications here.


Support from the entire Treatment Team, including you as a caregiver, is essential to the recovery process. For information on how to make sure you’re providing the necessary help and support, talk to the patient’s doctor, nurse, or therapist. You can also contact these helpful online resources for information on local support groups.