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Planning for Your Appointments

It’s very important to get your injections on time. INVEGA SUSTENNA® is proven to help control schizoaffective disorder symptoms when given every 4 weeks, but missing a dose increases the chances of your symptoms returning. A little planning ahead can help you stay on schedule.

Plan ahead for injection day

Review and print the checklist below:

  • Have a plan for getting where you'll need to be—walking, driving, or taking public transportation
  • Ask in advance if you need a ride—talk to the person driving about a week ahead, then remind him or her the day before your appointment
  • Have important phone numbers handy—so you can call ahead if you’re running late or need to change your appointment
  • Think about the rest of your day—there may be other things you’d like to do after your appointment, since you’ll be out and about
  • Bring a list of any questions—you’ll be able to ask your healthcare professional when you see him or her

What to expect at your injection appointment


After you’ve received your 2 starting doses in the arm, you will receive your once-monthly injection in either the arm or buttocks. Your injections will be given by a healthcare professional during a scheduled appointment.

After starting doses.

Some people may feel pain or discomfort upon injection. In clinical studies, most people being treated with INVEGA SUSTENNA® reported that the injections became less painful over time.

What to do if you miss
an appointment


If you miss your injection, call your doctor or Treatment Team as soon as you can. Depending on the timing of your last injection, they can help you decide what to do next.